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SkiftX is Skift's creative strategy and content marketing group.

We create engaging, insightful content and experiences for brands looking to connect with the global travel industry by connecting them through the Skift ecosystem.

"[SkiftX proves] that once and for all that B2B marketing has evolved way beyond white papers and slideshows"
"When we wanted to create a branded content series around global cities Skift was our first choice – Skift combines real insights with a fresh approach to storytelling."
"Skift brought together the right mix of thought leaders in a relaxed and fun setting that allowed us to connect with key clients, gain industry insights and close new business."
"The video content story created by Skift helped position Amadeus as an accessible and forward thinking brand to the burgeoning travel start-up community."

How we work together

Editorial Alignment

Editorial Alignment

Custom engagements built around Skift’s biggest editorial projects like Megatrends, The Definitive Oral History, Supertraveler Manifesto, and more.

Custom Content + Video

Custom Content + Video

Drive awareness and shape opinion with article series and video to execute on your objectives.

Skift Webinars

Skift Webinars

Engage the Skift audience in real-time with a 60-minute webinar built around sector trends.

Skift Live

Skift Live

Integrate your brand into Skift Global Forum, the largest creative business conference in travel or work with us on creating a custom, connection-building event for your brand.

New for 2017
SkiftX Data Studio

SkiftX Data Studio

Beautifully-designed infographics and data-driven stories created from your data! Smart, shareable content for the next wave of visual marketing.

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